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Your Journey - Our Life

A few months a year, we invite small groups of people to come and share our traditional ways of life. We pick you up in Rurrenabaque and we travel upriver in our dugout canoes for 2 days. We sleep at our friend’s village on the way.

On the river, you will see birds (macaws, parrots, yellow egrets, herons...), turtles, crocodiles, flowers and trees etc. Upon arrival, you’ll live in a traditional cabin for 2 people at the edge of the village. You can bathe in the river and eat dinner with us.

For the following days, we will share our lives with you; among the possible activities, we will:
- Gather wood and fibers and make bow and arrows
- Fishing by bow and arrow
- Light fires with sticks
- Cook our new fishing catch on our wood fire
- Gather palms and fronds to make baskets
- Gather cotton and dye it with natural dyes,
- Work in our garden and harvest our food and cook it in our way
- Harvest sugar cane and make juice
- Walk in the forest and share with you our knowledge of plants and animals
- Gather medicine and food from the forest
- Harvest nuts and make milk
- Teach you to make the sounds of birds and animals
- Harvest small trees to make the fibers our ancestors used for clothing
- Take you on night walks to see the jaguar and the tapir.
And many other activities according to your preference.

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Our Community

Our village in the Amazon forest is located two days up-river by canoe, far away from the town of Rurrenabaque. We are a small community living off fishing, hunting and gardening as our ancestors have done for many years. The forest is alive, clean and beautiful. It gives us many gifts; wood for our bows, arrows and for our homes; palms for our baskets, roofing and flooring; nuts for our milk; bark, leaves and roots for our medicines and food.

We grow rice, yucca, bananas, coffee, papaya, sugarcane, pineapple, cacao, lemons. And more. We grow cotton-like plants; we harvest its fibers and use natural dyes to weave our bags.

One of our tours will provide memories to last a lifetime.

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Our Goals

We want to stay healthy, to educate our children and to keep our tradition, protecting the forest and rivers.

We are developing this project of inviting visitors in a careful manner so the life of the village remains tranquil, while at the same time opening relations with other people from other places. We are organizing the visits, taking care of everything during your stay with us. We have some very good friends to help us with the contact with you and the preparations in Rurrenabaque.

The money provided from these visits is managed in the village through our council so all the decisions are made together. We use this money these ways;
- for schooling our children
- for creating a good sanitation system that keeps our forest clean and everybody healthy
- for providing each house with good water filtering system
- for securing a medical emergency fund
- for providing our houses with solar panels.
- for building canoes for every family

We also have oportunties for you to volunteer to support our empowerment or welcome your donations to help us achieve our goals. Please contact us if you would like to help in more ways.

We are curious to meet people from other parts of he world. We choose to live in the forest and protect it. We understand that it is important to share our tradition and knowledge with you and we believe that when you know our ways, good seeds will be planted in your world too.

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