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   The 14 Day Amazon Survival Tour takes you deep into the Pilon Lajas Indigenous Reserve up the Quiquibey River with the opportunity to learn rainforest survival skills from the experts.

   This tour will provide the opportunity for you to learn survival skills of the ancient Moseten as they guide you through their forest. Fire lighting with sticks, bow and arrow making and fishing, animal tracking, food foraging, cooking, medicinal plants, weaving and implement making.

   While we will not lose you in this forest (as per Yossi Ghinsberg's Jungle adventure as told in his novel Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival which has also been made into a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe), the Mosetens will share with you their knowledge of their lives in the jungle.

   Cost includes;

- all transport (airfares, transfers and boats),

- all accommodations (hotel, cabin and tent)

- all meals and drinks (alcoholic drinks not included),

- 11+ days in the village, jungle, or on the river.

This tour starts and finishes in La Paz on Thu, 30 Mar 2017 through to the return flight on Wed, 12 Apr 2017

Amazon Survival 14 days 30/3

$2,000.00 Regular Price
$1,400.00Sale Price
  • You will be adventuring into a remote part of the Amazon Jungle. There are many hazards and discomforts. The cabin acomodation is rustic at best and the camping is downright challenging for those unaccustomed to camping. The biggest challenge being insect bites. After your registration, we will indicate specific gear to maximize prevention and protection. The canoe trip is in an open dugout canoe with a motor on the back. It take at least a day and a half to go up the river depending how high the water is. While the walking is not particularly strenuous you are in virgin rainforest so it is certainly not a walk in the park. Most people with moderate level of mobility can manage. At nigh-time you will hear the creatures of the forest. Sometimes very close by. If you have doubts about being able to complete any planned activities you can always enjoy some cultural exchange in the village.


    The itinerary may look something like the following (subject to significant change to work around weather, river levels and essential village activities).


    Day 1 - Depart La Paz for Rurre. Hotel.

    Day 2 - Commence canoe transport to San Louis Grande (SLG). Camping.

    Day 3 - Arrive SLG. Settle in to cabins. Official welcome.

    Day 4 to 6 - Village activities. Cabins.

    During these days you will be preparing the survival tools and learning the skills you will need.

    Day 7 - Depart village for sacred site or jungle camping.

    Day 8 - Camping and exploring.

    Day 9 - Tracking, navigation, camping and exploring.

    Day 10 - Return and rest in village. Cabins.

    Day 11 and 12 - Village activities staying in cabins. Final village farewell.

    Day 13 - Canoe down river to Rurre. Hotel.

    Day 14 - Return to La Paz. End of tour.

  • We offer a FULL 14 DAY cooling off period. So book now to secure your place with the confidence that should your connecting travel plans not work out you can cancel within that 14 days with a FULL REFUND (we can not refund credit card or bank fees as we do not receive them, the banks keep them). This 14 day cooling off does not apply within 21 days of the tour as per below.


    We will also REFUND 50% of the payment received if for ANY REASON you cancel MORE THAN 21 DAYS prior to the start of the tour.


    Cancellations for ANY REASON LESS THAN 21 DAYS prior to the start will not be refunded as we start planning and incurring expenses within that time. We do not have the funds to cover those expenses out of our pockets and so must pay from the funds we received.


    We recommend you have sufficient travel insurance to cover you for any loss you may incur as a result of cancellation and also personal health, injury and emergency evacuation cover.

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